The Nancie Kester Blog!


Welcome to my blog on teaching, arranging and composing!

Having taught, arranged and composed music all my adult life, I am delighted to share my insights with fellow teachers, composers, arrangers, students and anyone interested in music.  I have had the good fortune to study with master teachers.  Often, I feel they are sitting on my shoulder as I help a composition student map out the beginning stages of her piece, guide a new piano student through his first lessons, or support an advanced piano student in discovering the fine nuances of a major work, almost ready for performance.

The very most important aspect of playing piano or writing music is the excitement and passion inherent in the process.  When you love what you play or what you create, you are transformed.  Does this mean no hard work required?  Of course not, but soon the effort leads to deep satisfaction and a sense of great accomplishment.  An arduous mountain climb will eventually result in a spectacular view from the peak. 

My blog will feature ideas for teaching and learning piano, and some tips on arranging and composing.  Enjoy!