Eve Alley

I have so many fond memories of piano lessons with Nancie that it’s hard to pick just one! I always enjoyed the short walk to her house and knowing that no matter what else was going on in my life, for the next hour it would be me, Nancie and music.  Nancie always greeted me at the door with such a warm smile and made me feel right at home. We’d usually share a laugh or two over funny little things and even when I didn’t do the best job or when I didn’t practice enough, Nancie was always encouraging and sweet. 

I still play the piano and people who don’t know I play are sometimes very impressed.  It’s a skill and an accomplishment of which I will always be proud.  And that’s all thanks to Nancie!!     

-Eve Alley

Susann Calkins

Nancie has so many strengths--musician, composer, artist and devoted student of human nature. Our lessons are a dialogue about the work, light-hearted in some respects, but thoroughly disciplined and productive.  She is an outstanding person to have as mentor and guide.

-Susann Calkins, Adult Student, Private Studio

Dorothy Kruse

I have been an adult student of Nancie’s for many years. Her wonderful sense of humor aside, she is absolutely serious about giving me the most personal and focused experience I have had as a piano student.  I came to her saying I wanted to improve my playing, and she gave me a new life with music.  She has taught me literally how to practice.  I have mastered, and continue to work on pieces of a sophistication that I never dreamed I would be playing. She is a brilliant teacher.

-Dorothy Kruse, Adult Student, Private Studio

Zachary Sorgen

Nancie, now that I have started teaching lessons, I can only aspire to the level of instruction you provided me.  How well I remember working our way backwards through pieces, going over difficult fingerings and articulations.  Now I can appreciate your patience with me!  Your recitals were always so perfectly planned and put together. I cannot thank you enough for believing in me and for giving me my greatest tools of expression.

-Zachary Sorgen, piano teacher and leader of band: “Wake the Wild”

Karina Choy

Through thick and thin, I always had music and piano lessons that allowed me to escape the pressure and stress of school. For me, playing piano was always out of love for the instrument and I truly thank you for helping me nurture that love for so many years.  It will stay with me forever.

-Karina Choy